There are no Astronauts yet, at best there are Lunauts, amirite?

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What about cosmonauts?

Astro is space. They were in space. Astronaut.

@dankXD Astro comes from the Greek word for "star"

So a star blaster is actually an assblaster!?

@dankXD Astro comes from the Greek word for "star"

But the Greeks didn't know what stars were and also called the planets stars (wandering stars).

If you're going to be *that* precise with language, you should know that the terms "lunanaut" and "lunarnaut" have already long been coined and are technically more correct than "lunaut".

Take your point about the prefix "astro-" technically relating to stars, but common usage since at least the 1950s says otherwise. That's the thing about English; it evolves.

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