If mice didn't crap everywhere, we probably wouldn't know or care that theyr'e in our homes. amirite?

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Mouse attracts snakes. Live in a country such as Australia and you will definitely care about mice, even if they don't poop.

I had a mouse chew and scratch a hole in my room, it'd wake me up in the mornings with all the scratchy noises and drive me insane. I felt really bad for it when the mouse trap got it, but there was really no other way to remove it.

Err they eat your food, chew electrics, so no, I'd care.

A mouse ate the wiring in my electric car

@Lecturesea7537 A mouse ate the wiring in my electric car

Happens to the wiring in gas cars too! Hope yours wasn't damaged too bad?

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Assuming mice were "house trained" they'd still spread disease with their dirty feet and saliva left behind from eating stuff plus the damage they do from chewing.

They also chew stuff including your home

You might care once you get bitten by the fleas they carry, and worse, get sick from illnesses transmitted by those fleas. Covid freaked the world out but I think the Bubonic plague still has it beat.

I have cats, there is nothing else alive in my house.

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