One day your contact list will have more numbers of dead friends than living. amirite?

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Unless I update my contact list to remove people I can't/won't talk to again

Nope I just delete them

Jokes on you, I have no friends.

@Cheytuflya Omg 😅😂

I used to delete contact numbers from my grandpas phone whenever his friends died

What if I die first?

@jodzdzownica What if I die first?

You make this a reality for someone else then...

Good thing I'm an introverted troll with no friends who's prolly going to die before the age of 36

Not if u die first

Not if you delete them

I was 50ish when I noticed that I recognized most of the names in the cemetery.

Who has contact numbers today?

@Kionix Who has contact numbers today?

How do you text/call people then? Do you memorize them?

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@Kionix Who has contact numbers today?

People with less living friends than contact numbers..

My voicemail is like that already. In fact, there's only 2 or 3 out of a dozen people in my saved voicemails that are still alive

bold of you to assume i have friends

Challenge accepted. 🗡

One day everyone that was alive will still be alive or maybe they will be dead. But if you wait long enough everyone will be dead. Mind. Blown.

Can't have dead friends if you have no friends.

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