do people feel stupid after crying, amirite?

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I think Anthony's just messing with us now.

I don't... what are you even asking?

Rebels avatar Rebel No Way +17Reply

Do you feel stupid after this post.

How do you mess up the grammar of a sentence with a forced ending?

This doesn't make sense... :(

Maxxs avatar Maxx No Way +10Reply

no, they feel better.

Um . . . have you never cried? Are you not a person? Why must you ask this question?

Anonymous +7Reply

Depends on what they were crying about.

Yes you are!

Anonymous +1Reply

Nope, crying makes you feel better. Even if I cry over something really stupid, I was upset then, but when I'm done I can laugh about it and not be upset anymore.

Sometimes, but only if I cried over something really stupid, like the internet not working, or something. :/ Most people usually feel better after they cry, though.

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