Bikes do not belong on the road with cars. Big heavy metal cars that will crush a bike to pieces, amirite?

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It's annoying as hell when you're on the sidewalk and a speeding cyclist zooms past you. It makes you wonder what would have occurred if you have moved towards the part of the cyclist's path. Not a very comforting feeling if you ask me.

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It's also as annoying as hell when a bikes goes 10 mph in a 35 mph zone then yells at you for following to closely. Here's an idea move the fuck in the BIKE LANE or just off to the side of the road if you don't want to be hit!

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Bikes shouldn't be on the path.
of course they should be on the road, have you had a cyclist come flying towards you on the path when you're pushing a twin pushchair? buy a helmet and get on the road. It's illegal in england too.

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The wording doesnt really make sense

They don't belong on the road or sidewalk, so we should build bicycle paths, or let them ride only on the shoulder or in the slow lane

bikes don't belong on sidewalks either... where are you going to put them?

Is your name Rob Ford, by any chance?

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That's the purpose of the shoulder. I'm not saying bicycle=car or anything, but bikes should be on the road, in the shoulder except at intersections during which bicyclists should follow the normal traffic laws.

Bikes as in motorbikes or bicycles?

In the US at least, bikes belong on the road, so says the law. If you and your bike are on the sidewalk, I hope you get a ticket that costs more than your bike.

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