there should be a particularly horrible circle of hell for girls who start supporting their bfs football team, and acting like they therefore have a right to comment on football EVER, amirite?

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i'd just like to clarify, taking an interest or even going to the occasional match is sweet, buying the shirt is like wearing a leash with 'his bitch' written on it, and trying to insult people who ACTUALLY LIKE FOOTBALL is a capital offence

Football, who cares?

Hmm.... well that's a little harsh.
And sexist. Don't you agree?

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hehe my rage is extreme and specific lol =P

no. that is why I made a post expressing my view....on amirite...

Girls can actually like football too, you dumbfuck.

@Bob_the_Penguin Girls can actually like football too, you dumbfuck.

I think the poster is only talking about the stupid ones who would normally have nothing to do with the sport...

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