If you think about it, music videos ruined the music industry. A couple decades ago, nobody knew what a singer looked like and based their opinion solely on the music. Now people decide somebody's hot and so they love their music or they don't like somebody's dancing so they hate the artist, amirite?

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Hence the phrase "video killed the radio star"...

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a couple decades ago was 1990, and there have been music videos since the 60's

That is SO true.

Hence the phrase "video killed the radio star"...

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but it's a person's own damn fault if they base their "taste in music" on the artist's looks rather than on the music itself. people are just stupid.

Lil' Wayne. Lady Gaga. |:

Some music videos help bring the song alive that little bit more and help promote a song. I wouldn't have heard some of my favorite songs and bands without seeing the video on kerrang or mtv etc.

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