If you think about it, canibalizing fat people would solve world hunger, lower obesity rates, and help over-populating, amirite?

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"Hey! You! Yeah, you, fatass! C'mere! I'm hungry."

The best thing about the prey (fat people) is that they cannot run very fast!

Such a modest proposal.

@thatguys Such a modest proposal.

I see what you did there :D (my friend actually thought it was real until the teacher explained it. I did the most epic facepalm.)

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@thatguys Such a modest proposal.

I feel smart for understanding that.

Meh. Us humans, we've done so many crappy things to ourselves [and the Earth, but I'm no hippie :P], adding cannibalism to the bill won't bring much difference to the total of amount we are due.

All of America would die Lol jk

fatty meat doesn't taste good

@chicken But it's a lot to go 'round.

ya no room for picky eaters i guess

@sara24 ya no room for picky eaters i guess

The marbleization of fat in a steak is actually what makes it tender and flavorful

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But does the end justify the means?

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Would it really help overpopulation? I don't know if the morbidly obese typically procreate.

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Helping over-population rates? Lol, its not like they're gonna have kids anyway.

I love that this post was made by chicken _^

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My friend did this as her modest proposal for our english class. I made her do it.
I have a sick mind....

ALSO, If nobody likes to eat fat people, you could use their fat as oil! ENERGY CRISIS SOLVED

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