Ever since Silent Hill became a movie, The number of fan-girls for Pyramid Head has drastically increased, amirite?

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I watched that movie alone, in my dark house, at night, behind my couch on mute -_-
i live a sad life

@jesse_james silly goose :)

xD Yeh, pretty much. Then i spend the rest of my night thinking "omg i heard something :| what was that?!"

@jesse_james Really? I didnt think the movie was all that scary.

The thing in the toilet is what scared me most. Cuz i remember thinking how it needed to visit a phisio reaaaally bad. :s

My cousin is a Pyramid Head fangirl. >_<; She makes little PH-Chan chibi plushies and everything.

I love PH, but I did SH2 first. The movie was laaaaame

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