They pick the worst animals to represent political parties, amirite?

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Eh, they're both offensive. Republicans are the elephant in the room and Democrats are jack asses. It's pretty accurate.

nope, the rupublican animal is accurate because it's better than a donkey

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Doubt it, elephants are awesome. An ass, on the other hand, someone should have thought longer about.

Too bad they're not like, lions and polar bears.

Fatasses and jackasses.

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We actually talked about this in my history class a bit.
(inb4 cool story bro)
About half of the class or more is Republican (including me) and my friend is a Democrat. I was saying that it's funny that they'd have an animal that's so self-insulting and she said "Well, maybe that's because I AM a stubborn ass."

No arguments from me.

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We only have two parties, but each party has different branches. Republicans have moderates, conservatives, tea partiers and such and Democrats have their moderates, liberals, and the like. Then of course we have the people in the middle who gotta pick sides at every election.

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