what's with those shoe stores that boast "shoe repair"? I've never heard of anyone who has gotten their shoes repaired. just buy a new pair already, amirite?

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It really depends on the quality/price of the shoes. For most shoes it wouldn't be worth paying to get them repaired, but for some more expensive shoes it's less expensive to get the existing shoes repaired than to buy a completely new pair. Also, I think some shoe repair places also make things like custom inserts that don't "repair" shoes, but make them a lot more comfortable.

if the repair is way cheaper, as would be the case for specilized shoes, it'd be more than worth it.

I have had my shoes repaired. It gave my favorite pair of shoes another few months to live..

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My Dad has to go to those places to get builds put on one of his shoes because he has one leg shorter than the other, and I once went to a shoe repair place because I'd bought a pair of wedge heels that were way too high and they made them less high.

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