A tomato is a vegetable, amirite?

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But tomatoes are a fruit although they had been previously miss categorized as a vegtable due to how diffrent they are to many fruits and not having a sweet taste

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did someone flip the votes around?

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While that may technically be correct, you don't put tomatoes or cucumbers or green peppers in a fruit salad, so I'm gonna go ahead and just call them vegetables :)

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it is both


Fruits have seeds. Tomatoes have seeds. Tomatoes are fruits.

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@DanielJames Cucumbers are fruits, too.

pumpkins have seeds. pumpkins are vegetables

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@DanielJames Pumpkins are fruits, too.

pumpkins are squash... there is more than just fruit and vegtable you know

@DanielJames Cucumbers are fruits, too.

Hey, let's not get technical here. CUCUMBERS ARE DAMN VEGETABLES. I honestly don't care if they are fruit by definition. Vegetables. Yes.

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A fruit is anything that develops from the mature ovary of a flower. Since the tomato develops exactly like this, it is, therefore, a fruit. So is a peanut. Carrots, potatoes, and onions, on the other hand, are not fruits because they don't develop from the flowers of the plant. That makes them vegetables.