If apple pie isn't your favorite kind of pie, you've never had good apple pie, amirite?

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I don't know man, I mean pumpkin.

I prefer the Apple iPod...but i heard good reviews of the Apple Pie

Give me the pecan :D

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I threw up on a blanket while watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire after eating apple pie.

Scarred for life.

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@Did you throw up because of the show... or because of the pie?

I like to believe it was the pie. But it was the million dollar question..

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Ehh, sorry buddy. But my favorite is blueberry :D

Strawberry Rhubarb FTW

Blueberry FTW!

Cheesecake ftw! All of you can suck it

French silk :3


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Apple's tied with cherry for second. Both are helpless against the deliciousness of Pumpkin Pie.

The only flavour pie I like is PIE FLAVOUR!!!

Oh. My. God. I made this... A LONG time ago. I discovered other pies that are better... Jeez.

Well that's just a paradox for some. If I like pie, then I've had good pie. If I don't, I haven't had good pie. But how would I know if it was a good pie or not? Do I need to eat the same pie as your pigasm?

OR it means that you like another type of pie more than apple pie.

You clearly haven't had good pecan pie.

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Lemon pie is the mother of all pies


What gets me on ANY apple pie is the texture. I don't like way the apple feels because I don't know whether it's squishy or hard. (<<lolol<<there's no other way to say it)

I hate pie in general.

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