Everything you do is to make you happy. That's the ultimate goal in everyone's life and it applies to everything you do. amirite?

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The Key to Life is simple:
It involves simply; how to live?
Happiness? Makes it worthwhile...

Ha! No. Lots of lives out there are centered on survival.

@jodzdzownica surviving makes people happier than not surviving

No, often it doesnt. Some people end up wishing they were dead, but that urge to live is stronger.

Staying alive is not the same as being happy.

Trust me, I don't go to work to be happy! 😂

I think its more accurate to think of it as "everything you do is to avoid suffering".

Negative. Everything you do is because youre too afraid to give up and die 😂.

Really it's to reproduce. That's all life is.

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