It's sad how as you get older and listen to more and more music there are probably songs you loved/still love from years ago that you simply forgot about and may never hear again. amirite?

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Same with porn

@Shiny244 Same with porn

I dont really check what you mean, but maybe its true

Thats true , but recently I heard some songs i loved many years ago and i know, that i hate them now

It's always the song that you USSED TO KNOOOW!

The worst are really good instrumental songs with no vocals, typically trance/house/techno. I could have heard a track yesterday, but I rarely remember the track name.

I think about this all the time. But when you do find a song you haven't heard in forever that feeling is so, so sweet.

This is why I use RYM / Sonemic

Been using music streaming for over 20 years. Same Service. I have seen my taste Evolve quite a bit. And how some of the genres are even connected in some ways.

Then I will pop up a playlist from 20 years ago from when I was in High School.

Or Nowadays my franken lists which include stuff from the past 20 years that I enjoyed.

Which is funny and scary at the same time. When its a Lo Fi for one song, then Screamo the next. Then something in the middle like Breath Carolina.

I'll miss you forever MuchMusic Dance Mix 95'.

This makes me sad. But rediscovering a song from long ago is one of the best feelings ever

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