Most of the problems on Seinfeld could have been solved with a cellphone or the internet. amirite?

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You underestimate how annoying communication was prior to that lol

@Apartlavishness Don't understand what you mean. Can you expand on that?

In the show there was a lot of being late and no ability to call to create drama//funny situations. Or having to go home and check or erase messages because something was said or a message wasn't heard. Larry David's style of comedy revolves around poor communication or generally not following social norms.

The number of times people were forgotten places waiting to be picked up because they couldn't contact their ride was so damn high before the early 2000's. Even getting AAA to help out with a flat-tire was a pain. Walking for hours or getting rides with strangers just to make it to a phone call to a towing company.

1st world problems require 1st world solutions.

Or with any of them having a shred of human decency. Funny show, but glad they all wound up in jail at the end.

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