Almost everyone will watch a movie on TV, with commercials, even though they own the movie on DVD. amirite?

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I'm watching BTAS: Christmas with the Joker on BluRay, like every other Christmas


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If we're just talking about under 40s, most of us have TV's with streaming services and a game console that plays DVDs so and isn't even plugged into commercial TV. I've never plugged my TV in to the antenna port, I just stream or watch DVDs.

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I haven't voluntarily watched an advert in over a decade. Closer to two decades.

I don't have cable and know few people who still do.

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I do because we are too lazy to go to our DVD bookshelf thing and find it because we have like a billion movies

Especially if it's Home Alone or Die Hard during Christmas!

No they won't. Unless they're over 70 , and they probly by then don't know how to load a DVD. And what's a DVD? 🙄

Me, yes. Everyone? Not really. In an age where comparitively few people watch either DVDs or traditional broadcast TV, I'd say it's an increasingly rare phenomenon.

Sometimes I don't realize I'm doing it but once I do I pop it in or switch over to where it's streaming

This wouldn't even be true 20 years ago when I still paid for tv service.

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