Planning and building more and more effective weapons to kill each other is really waste of money. amirite?

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Although it's near impossible to calculate, most sources admit they'd be an additional 2-3 billion extra people.on earth if it wasn't for WW2. Where would we be with Global Warming then? Notwithstanding; many people believe the 1st., 2nd. and 3rd. Woes in the Bible refer to World Wars. W.O.E.=Waste Of Energy...

The alternative is more collateral damage…

You should see a documentary on smart bombs.

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We're in a tense existence. Every side wants the edge just in case there's a chance they get out of all of this alive at the end.

It's a faint chance, but I guess worth trying for.

Death makes tons I do what youre in about

Depends on the spoils of war.

Or a deterrent to keep others from trying to kill you

But it advances our quality of life.

If your life is priceless...then it follows that...

There is no amount of money not worth spending to make a slightly more effective weapon or armor that will allow you to kill the other guy first.

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