Stacy's mom was the first milf. amirite?

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Wasn't it actually Oedipus's mom?

Get back to us after you've watched The Graduate.

She's definitely got it going on

She's got it going on

You clearly haven't seen Dexter's Lab

No. Stifler's mom is the original MILF

Stifler's mom was the first use of the term MILF.

she is all i want

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@Axellllfoley she is all i want

and i've waited for so long

Mrs. Robinson.

As we all know, MILFs were invented in the 2000s.

Who's that?

Jane Seymour has entered the chat.

I heard Freud's mom was a real milf

No. Stacy's mom had it going on in 2003. The term MILF was coined in American Pie in 1999.

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