We will all die, but some of us will live on forever. amirite?

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In the memory of the living

@Trashy21 In the memory of the living

Oh i assumed they meant there are hidden immortals amongst us n̶a̶m̶e̶l̶y̶ m̶e̶

Romans 1 says creation is without excuse.
Faith in the afterlife, however; is subject to belief, spiritual, and as such; according as per each individual believes...

No one can live on forever. Everyone gets forgotten eventually even if it takes the heat death of the universe for it to happen

You fixed it!

This is a weird paraphrase of The Great Bambino in Sandlot.

If you're talking about living on in memory, even that's unlikely. Civilizations rise and fall, it's possible one day there will be a massive loss of information, and even some of the most well known people will be forgotten.

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