If you like a YouTuber, watch their commercials without skipping. amirite?

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If a creator puts ads in their videos, do I actually like them though? I'm not opposed to sponsorships, for the record. But there are better ways to support creators, which I much prefer.

If you like someone just give them money

Spoken like a marketing representative that's frustrated they've spent money on a project but aren't getting the return they expected or like a youtuber that's frustrated marketers don't want to spend more money because the return won't be high enough.

Some of them are just 20 minute pep talks

Or just save it to watch later and then see the video, the algorithm somehow recommends the video more!

I sometimes get a 30 minute tv show as an ad. In the middle of a show im watching. That's unacceptable. Ads should never be that long.

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If u like a youtuber pay for yt premium, so they have the money to pay their creators


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