Teenagers with paralyzed arms hav to deal with a constant hornieness that they can't get rid of, amirite?

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Not if they have a very _generous_ mother they dont

There are prostitutes that offer these services for disabled people.

I've seen some documentaries where they get help from nurses

That's the t-rex effect

thats quitter talk. Ask someone for help, like me. I'm very helpful.

Don't be ableist! Tell me more about how this particular class of disabled people are more aroused than their classmates—maybe they know how to get a handjob or something or other.

They can still hump the couch cushions

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They just get their helper or parents to help with their hornyness

"Unable-to-Step brother, what are you doing?"

To quote Dionne Warwick:

"That's what friends are for"

A horny teen will find a way

Because adults don't get horny?

I see a great porn scene with step mother coming

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