Someone somewhere, Has a crush on you and will love you to pieces if they had the chance and you are likely totally oblivious to it. amirite?

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Mines probably old Carol from accounts with the cats and the horn rim glasses.

More like I am aware but I'm too scared to give her a chance.

Apartlavishnesss avatar Apartlavishness Yeah You Are +6Reply

Thanks. I needed that.

Also, Someone somewhere has touched themselves while thinking about and you'd most likely have no idea.

I dunno man, I have a very small number of acquaintances. I have spent my life avoiding people. Maybe it is just because I am oblivious, but I honestly can't think of a single person I know who would be interested.

Iapetus-11s avatar Iapetus-11 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Jokes on them, I'm already happily married

88080808088s avatar 88080808088 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Yeah, my stalker. I found out about it in court.

KilljoyXs avatar KilljoyX Yeah You Are +4Reply

Not really. I dont know any girls at all

freq432s avatar freq432 Yeah You Are +4Reply
@Sewcrazy4cats Who said it had to be a girl?

There arent any gay people here as well bro

Well, can they make themselves known then cuz it's been way too long here.

must be nice to have a secret crush, lol

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