Womens shoes are much easier to take off, amirite?

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Women's shoes are much easier to take off. The reason is
that the soles of women's shoes are thinner and less rigid than men's,
and it's very easy to remove a shoe from the foot.

In a study of 25 pairs of women's shoes, researchers at
the University of Illinois in Champaign found that female feet
needed to exert less force to remove men's shoes than women's shoes.

Some common styles of women's shoes are easier to remove
than others. For example, shoes with high heels tend to be harder to
remove, because it takes more effort for the wearer's feet to move
over the front of the shoe.

Most shoes designed for comfort are easier to remove than
shoes with heels. And shoes with soft, flexible soles are much easier
to remove than shoes with soles made of high-impact materials.

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Yeah, sometimes. They should make flats for dudes that aren't Nike slides.

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