Babies cry so often when they get their diaper changed because the majority of their life has been in a wet/soiled diaper, and a dry diaper is uncomfortable to them. amirite?

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Baby mind reader over here y'all.

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I mean they also cry when they need to be changed so I'm not sure how true that is…

Lol someone is obviously not a parent. Youre so far from wrong.

@monsterallergies Lol someone is obviously not a parent. Youre so far from wrong.

So… wait.. so are you not the parent in your answer? If op is "so far from wrong" does that suggest they are right?

Odd. I'd think you have access to parents and infants. Even a book might help. If you can only gain information by you own testing, please don't have children.

I do not think this is the case, but at this point I lack the means to perform further analysis.

It was warm and wet for the first 9 months... then you're born and it sucks from that point forward.

Ah you must be UNCLE Adam

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Oof, if they're spending the majority of their time in a soiled diaper someone is doing it wrong.

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