The amount of times we were almost killed by something without even realizing it is probably in the hundreds, if not thousands. amirite?

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Pretty much every time you cross another car on the highway

rotersscap1982s avatar rotersscap1982 Yeah You Are +8Reply

Every day we live we face


Nickyikkys avatar Nickyikky Yeah You Are +6Reply

Or 7.

donnas avatar donna Yeah You Are +6Reply

I'm almost killed by everyone who passes me on the road.

Mihneacuzinos avatar Mihneacuzino Yeah You Are +5Reply

Especially after marriage.

freq432s avatar freq432 Yeah You Are +5Reply

Define "almost"

Legendnoel77s avatar Legendnoel77 Yeah You Are +5Reply

Mine I think we're mostly in cars

Mrtechnohawks avatar Mrtechnohawk Yeah You Are +4Reply
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