Someone who is aware of their own stupidity is less stupid than someone who isn't, amirite?

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Well depends how stupid they are…

Self awareness is key

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"Stupid is as stupid does"

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"The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing."

"…that's US, dude!"
-Ted Theodore Logan

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Maybe. I can follow this logic. But on the flip side if someone knows they're stupid and still continues to be stupid, that's yet another stupid decision

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Cool, I'm getting smarter with age.

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I feel really stupid :( at work we do a general knowledge quiz for fun and I usually am last.

Of all the people I've met who were aware of their own stupidity, none were truly what I'd call stupid. They had limitations and they had learned them and learned to work around them. Stupid people don't do that.

Dunning Kruger in full effect.

Smarty pants thought I was gonna say something stupid

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