There are no natural deaths. amirite?

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It's natural for a human body to decay.

Framie1s avatar Framie1 Yeah You Are +9Reply

Please, elaborate.

All deaths are natural

Cheytuflyas avatar Cheytuflya Yeah You Are +6Reply

Or is it that all death is natural?

Mytokhondrias avatar Mytokhondria Yeah You Are +5Reply
@rotersscap1982 what.

so many confused folk right about now . . .

Old age

donnas avatar donna Yeah You Are +4Reply

All deaths are natural. got stabbed in the throat? Naturally died from blood and oxygen loss. Car crash? Naturally dead because the human body isn't made for that.

Quite the opposite, there are no unnatural deaths.

If you take a close-range shotgun blast to the face and fall 50 stories onto concrete, I would say survival would be unnatural; death a foregone conclusion.

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