Because of mines, people are still dying from WW2, amirite?

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grenades as well

They don't build em.like they used to.

Yes hitlers kill count goes up every year

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@Mcgee0 Yes hitlers kill count goes up every year

When you realize Hitler wasn't the last person Hitler killed

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German engineering at its finest. Making a product that can last over 70 years. Now if only apple could learn from that.

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Maybe WW2 wasn't such a good idea after all

Tommy blew up in a field?! From what??!

Oh from World War 2 thats what.

I don't think anyone's died from any WW2 ordinance for at least a few decades. A bomb squad was defusing a bomb from that time a few years ago and they had a 50/50 shot at defusing it; and it blew up but I think only one person was hurt for whatever reason.

Is it over already? Jeeze.

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Old age is doing that as well...

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