You can't use a straw to drink in space, amirite?

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If you spill some water in space and it is flying all over the room, you can

@capamericasur What room?!

Space stations have rooms inside. I mean there is some interior space inside of the space station, how would you call it if it cannot be called a room?

But if your drinking in space, then surely you would be in a pressurised environment either a shuttle or a suit

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Yes you can. In fact, you almost _must_ use a straw to drink in space.

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Presumably, you mean in open space - not in a spacecraft. ...In that case, it's going to be hard to get the straw thru your helmet anyway.

Suction and inertia aren't related to gravity I'm pretty sure correct me if I'm wrong??

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Wait, I might need that.

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NASA astronaut Don Pettit invented a zero g cup for drinking up in spacestations so it's not essential to have a straw. The air pressure is similar to sea level on board the ISS so sucking should work. They roll up the bag because it's air tight like toothpaste. Even superman couldn't use a straw in actual space.

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