Since having three nipples is possible, if you only have two nipples, you have a below average number of nipples. amirite?

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You keep using that word "average", I think you don't know what that word means.

Mihneacuzinos avatar Mihneacuzino Yeah You Are +10Reply

Due to the higher amount of single nipples the average would have to be 1.999999. (Spell check was a bitch)

All my one nipple homies would like to have a talk...

Rowgearas avatar Rowgeara Yeah You Are +7Reply

Wow never heard of that... Where would the third one be tho?

Some women lose their nipples due to breast cancer. So I'm not sure on the math. You may be right but there's a good chance you're wrong.

Ohowjuicys avatar Ohowjuicy Yeah You Are +5Reply

I may have dyscalculia…but I don't think that math is right…

fragsworths avatar fragsworth Yeah You Are +4Reply

Your discounting the people with less than two nipples.

jodzdzownicas avatar jodzdzownica Yeah You Are +4Reply

"if you have three nipples, you have a below average number of nipples." — my cat

Vic8760s avatar Vic8760 Yeah You Are +3Reply

Your knowledge of averages is a little below average...

88080808088s avatar 88080808088 Yeah You Are +3Reply
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