The less lighting a restaurant has the fancier it is. amirite?

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Dim lighting causes a cozy atmosphere, it's a marketing strategy. I'd you're cozy, you stay longer and spend more.

MetalDevils avatar MetalDevil Yeah You Are +8Reply

There's a restaurant in my city which is completely lightless. This is in order to replicate the experience of a blind person eating. I guess that by your criterion it's the fanciest ever.

Sewcrazy4catss avatar Sewcrazy4cats Yeah You Are +5Reply

My grandfather always use to say "prices just went up" whenever the lighting dimmed at a restaurant.

Achilles982s avatar Achilles982 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Or maybe the dirtier it is.

So by this logic a dining establishment that makes you eat in pitch black would be the fanciest of all.

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