People that live in The States love telling each other not to come to their state. amirite?

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"Don't bring yer politics to my red state"

fragsworths avatar fragsworth Yeah You Are +10Reply

You can come to my state. We need more chicken farmers and meth heads.

True most Americans are xenophobic

Come to Tennessee.

Iapetus-11s avatar Iapetus-11 Yeah You Are +7Reply

well yeah. the states suck. i say this as someone born and living in the states.

yea weRe American, pretty much...we all wanna be left alone

Especially Californians.

@Stereotypesexist Especially Californians.

Really? From what I hear most people are complaining about Californians moving to their state. (Source friends in Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Utah Washington and Cali)

rotersscap1982s avatar rotersscap1982 Yeah You Are +5Reply

Don't come to my state

BennyPendentess avatar BennyPendentes Yeah You Are +4Reply
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