Not everything is free…, amirite?

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Love is free
Happiness is free
Friends are free
$1M are free under the right conditions

*Nothing is free

You're not paying for the air you're breathing most likely, that's freedom

If you think about it. We could all just eliminate the concept of money, and everything is free with the rules and stuff like stores and that to prevent over consumption and that

Hatchadis avatar Hatchadi Yeah You Are +7Reply

When have most things been free?

@Rowgeara When have most things been free?

Samples 🤣 school lunches 🤣 buy one get one free

Obviously not everything is free. I think you meant nothing is free? Or not everything advertised as being "free" really is?

So tip of the day, if you don't pay taxes you get free stuff?

Tanmoykayesens avatar Tanmoykayesen Yeah You Are +4Reply

Everything is free for the Wet Bandits ™

BennyPendentess avatar BennyPendentes Yeah You Are +4Reply

Prison Is free no 🤔

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