At what point does it become drinking, amirite?

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It starts when the first but of water enters your mouth

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I think it becomes drinking when you catch your wife sleeping with her Zumba instructor and you have to tell the kids you're getting divorced.

When your lip touch the rim , you're kissing the rim

When you suck air in , you're sucking air in which brings the liquid down your throat

When you swallow the liquid , you've completed the action of Drinking

But according to the dictionary , drinking Is an action so the start would be when liquid enters your mouth and finishes when the liquid slides down your throat and your lip doesn't kiss the rim

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When you swallow is the act of drinking.

When you put it in your mouth or when they touch your lips are not. For example, you put things like mouthwash in your mouth, but you don't swallow them. You don't drink mouthwash, ergo the simple act of putting something in there doesn't denote drinking. You must complete the action.

You see, I would agree with others saying 'when it touches the rim' or when 'the water touches your lips', BUT--one can 'drink' over long periods of time, working on one beverage over the course of, say, an hour, even without touching it for the majority of that duration.

So, um,


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