Being a shy extrovert would feel like being socially constipated. amirite?

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Extraverts aren't necessarily outgoing, they just prefer spending time with people instead of on their own

The inverse is also true for introverts. They aren't necessarily shy, or even antisocial, they just don't like spending long amounts of time in large groups

I am a shy extrovert, or an "introverted extrovert". It's also why I'm a drunk.

I'm a shy extrovert. I love spending time with people but I talk so little that people think I'm mute. I just don't know what to say. I'm getting better though. I just wish I was more confident and loud

It does

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I like that metaphor a lot 😀

Naturally I'm an introvert but somehow managed to develop great social skills as a teen; which stuck.
As of now me Being social is somewhat super stressful even though others say I'm natural and good at it. Truth be told it isn't very lighthearted, since my natural habitat is being alone or with just someone.
It's hard to balance and get it right, still. I need to be careful about not overdoing socializing for exact said reason which others often wo t understand.
Bittersweet bs right there 😶

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