It's not uncommon to hear a girlfriend or wife refer to their partner as daddy, switch it around and suddenly it's weird and gross. amirite?

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Don't need to switch it around its still weird and gross.

I would definitely be weird if having my girlfriend calling me son.

I think its gross either way

But thats because its wierd to call a women daddy, cuz a daddy is a male person

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It's always weird unless said woman is talking to that partner's child and referring to him as Daddy because the child calls him that.

Seriously, the incest fetishists are given far too much air time.

In spanish, it doesnt sound as gross as it does english, guys sayy ven aqui mami, or mamacita or whatever

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The AB fetishists might disagree

It would be weird to call your girlfriend Daddy.

@Mcgee0 It would be weird to call your girlfriend Daddy.

Not sure if it's weirder to call your Dad girlfriend.


I sometimes call my partner mummy, she doesn't mind though


I lived with a couple that referred to each other as bubba and sissy. The sounds of their copulation will haunt me for eons.

Only pervs say baby

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