Buying NFTs is the digital version of buying stars. amirite?

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It's much closer to actual art trade, like paintings. A Van Gogh painting is worth millions just because its a Van Gogh painting. You can literally print out a copy, or have it painted by an artist exactly as the original, and it will be worthless because "its not an original Van Gogh."

@Tanmoykayesen Oh I see you fell for the NFT scam

I don't think you get my point. The art trade is as much a scam as NFTs. Besides, its one of the biggest money laundering markets. Person A buys a Picasso for 50 million. Instantly, that painting is now worth at least 50 million, and apart from the auction house no one knows where that money came from or where it went. Few years down the line the painting trades hands once again for 60 million, laundering another fortune, rinse and repeat.

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More like those commercials I've seen where you can buy 1 square foot of land in Scotland and become a Lord

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Or like the title you can buy for a piece of land on mars or the moon.

Isn't that kinda the same thing as you really can't touch either one?

Or real estate on the moon

Oh you're in the market for a few NFTs? Nice. Oh hey btw I got some cool shaped clouds I wanna sell you.

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Except when you buy stars, you get a nice framed certificate.

Can I buy an NFT of an NFT?

Game nft's can be worth something if implemented right. Or the could be just complicated ways of the picture nft's

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