You usually have better friendships online because they don't know you're real personality, amirite?

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Where does one obtain these online friends?

Usually, but not for me. If I don't know them yet, they don't know me and so they ignore, block and or report. For me, it's only easy to have an online friend if they're my friend in person. Although I have no personal friends either, because they want no friendship with me, because again- they don't know me personally. Until we're friends, they don't want to talk with me and until we talk, there's no friendship. And we were not born friends. So I'm stuck as a loner. But when the very next/previous person talks, it's like they're bros, sis' or it's like love at first sight. We're seeds in the Bible, and I feel like I'm poison ivy. Or a jumping bean trying to jump out of the Grand Canyon to find a friend. HEY-OH!

And easy to scam you

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Idk, I feel like people I've talked to online know me better than most people irl.

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Or because the chances of meeting people you actually click with are several thousand times higher on the internet than RL.

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That's not "friendship" if they dont know real personality.

Why don't they know you are real personality?

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