People rip out their carpets for hardwood flooring and then cover them in large area rugs…like carpet, amirite?

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Well ya, to protect the hardwood flooring. Have you learned nothing?

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Because a rug is easier to clean/dry out than a carpet.

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Otherwise the dog will slip

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It tied the whole room together

That's like being a virgin and getting breast and ass implants and still being virgin

A throw rug helps the acoustics of the room. A hardwood floor can result in an echo in the room, especially a larger room without a lot of furniture or stuff on the walls.

Or sleeping with blankets in an AC room

@FatStephen Or sleeping with blankets in an AC room

That actually causes deeper sleep. People sleep better when the are cold. People feel comfortable when being warmed. So people fall asleep and stay asleep better from the warming sensation and they sleep better (no tossing and turning, causes a slower heartbeat) because of the cold

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