The person who holds the record for having sex with the most people was probably forced to. amirite?

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Then they wouldn't hold the record it has to be recorded for it to be a record and if it's a sex slave I'm sure no one knows

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That is messed up.

Houston 500. But she was paid for it.

nah she wanted it

Some king somewhere in like Persia or Babylon would beg to differ.

Bro, genghis khan had the time of his life.

@404ChompyNotFound Bro, genghis khan had the time of his life.

Damn I was gonna say Genghis reckons it was the other way round 😂, beat me to it

@Dairyqueenemployee Wilt Chamberlain would like a word

Respect for Chamberlain, but I don't know if he's got anything on Genghis. I once heard a stat that like 1/6th of current Eurasia region are related to him.

It think its lisa sparxx

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