One day your parent(s) put you down and they never picked you up again ever. amirite?

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It was the day I died... they carried me... put me down... Never picked me up again...

LookAnAltAccounts avatar LookAnAltAccount Yeah You Are +10Reply

It's not too late.

I'll be right back! Going to jump on my mother and break her back

Axellllfoleys avatar Axellllfoley Yeah You Are +7Reply

Ball is in your court though.

Just hug them and do a little hop.

Jokes on you, my parents still carry me places.

That's better than the opposite happening

Josh Groban picks me up every time.
"You raise me uuuuuuuup"

Why did you said that 😭

This made me a little sad

Sewcrazy4catss avatar Sewcrazy4cats Yeah You Are +3Reply

True, but I'll pick my kid up and hug her for as long as I'm physically able to.

True. Mine used a shotgun.

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