There are more atoms in a spoon, than there are spoons in Atlantic Ocean. amirite?

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Metal spoons maybe? I'm sure there's. Million or more plastic spoons in the ocean.

@Jason_Grace13 There are more atoms in a spoon than spoons ever made

How many atoms are in a spoon?
Who could possibly know how many spoons are in the ocean?

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I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that there aren't all that many spoons in the Atlantic.

... than there are spoons of water in the Atlantic Ocean?**

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@Thatoneduderyan OP is still technically correct 不

Haha, yes indeed. But I think he forgot a word to the saying

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Are there a lot of spoons in the Atlantic ocean or something? Is the number countable?

Time to change that consider it done.

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There is no spoon !!!

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