The world as it was before the turn of the century seems so much more classy and dignified than what we've had the last twenty two years. amirite?

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You were clearly not alive in the previous century.

Maybe in terms of presidential debates, but not in general. If anything we were less tolerant and more crass. Many comedians/artists/movies/etc couldn't exist today

No...it wasn't.

The world you know vs what others know, also define what is classy and dignified?

You may have never known a "classy" and "dignified" world.

Before trashy behavior was glorified and tiktok was made to easily show the world you are trash... people were still trashy but it was not as well shown to the world.

Yep. Nothing classes up the place like a good cockroach eating episode of Fear Factor.

Gotta go back to at least the early 60s. Before grunge. Before hippies. When people would put on a suit or dress for most anything, even just to go grocery shopping.

It was.

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Rose-colored glasses. Plenty of poverty and death back then.

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