Even if we find intelligent life on another planet, they will be so far away that any signal we send would take millions of years to arrive there. amirite?

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How would you even detect intelligent life millions of light years away?

Fermi, ferda.

Rusafus avatar Rusafu Yeah You Are +7Reply

200 thousand years, max (assuming that they are in the Milky Way galaxy).

teknogreeks avatar teknogreek Yeah You Are +6Reply

If they're in Milky Way, it will take 25 to 75 thousand years one way. Other galaxies would be millions. But even if they're relatively close, it's hundreds of years each way. The speed of light is unbelievably fast, but space is incredibly vast.

Alternatively isn't it strange that we have already pick up radio waves from long dead civilizations.

Vic8760s avatar Vic8760 Yeah You Are +5Reply

Unless they help us with technology

This is assuming that their technology and existence is bound to the physical realm

They used to say that the Atlantic Ocean was to far

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