It's probably allot more environmentally friendly to ride an E-motorcycle everywhere than to cycle when you consider the food you have to source to provide the calories, amirite?

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But by biking, you are making your body more efficient over time. Eat a plant heavy diet, and you are a pretty effective machine.

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Not necessarily, depends where the electricity in the motorcycle was sourced, could have been a coal power plant, or something just as environmentally unfriendly, and the food could be sourced very in environmentally friendly ways, not to mention that you'd likely be consuming most of those calories anyway, you're just putting them to better use by cycling. Plus by riding the bicycle, you become more efficient in terms of your calorie intake. Also cycling everywhere is cheaper.

It takes less energy to power your body than it does to power an e-bike.

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@LookAnAltAccount Depends what you eat and your body is far less efficient

The body is still a more reliable source of energy than a battery powered bike.

Not if you eat celery. That has negative calories, meaning it burns more calories to eat than it contains

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