Think of your least favorite song, somebody thinks that's a decent song. amirite?

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Dream mask

Anything Celine Dion

@Apartlavishness Anything Celine Dion

Oh hey, you've summoned me

Thatoneduderyans avatar Thatoneduderyan Yeah You Are +3Reply

Anything Nickelback

The Hamster Dance is decent.... A descent into madness....

Rowgearas avatar Rowgeara Yeah You Are +3Reply

Shout out to every Cardi B fan

Kionixs avatar Kionix Yeah You Are +2Reply

The entire Radiohead catalogue?

If someone thinks yoko ono has a decent song I'll go hee!

mihneacuzino2s avatar mihneacuzino2 Yeah You Are +2Reply

Old town road

Thatoneduderyans avatar Thatoneduderyan Yeah You Are +2Reply

Red Red Wine - UB40

Just ew

dankXDs avatar dankXD Yeah You Are +1Reply
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