Early humans probably had the ugliest belly buttons, amirite?

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No, they would look exactly the same. The umbilical cord is cut and tied off, but there is still some centimeters left that will dry out and fall off on its own. They were somewhere between 5 and 10 cm long on my daughters at least. Took about a week.

A thing that dries up and falls off looks the same whether the cord was cut or chewed…

Throw it over your shoulder like a continental soldier.

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It would look the same. Look up a Lotus Birth. It's a practice in which the umbilical chord is left attached to the placenta for several days until they seperate naturally. It's pretty much garbage science, but the chord separates at the navel a few days later and ends up looking no different to our belly buttons now.

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Wait. What?

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@KilljoyX Wait. What?

Since the early humans didn't know how to properly sever the umbilical cord, their belly buttons would've looked abnormal

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