Actors are very professional and passionate cosplayers, amirite?

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I mean in terms of cosplay I'd say their more like the prostitutes of cosplayers. Cosplayers do it voluntarily usually because they have a genuine liking of a character, actors get paid and may or may not like the character. They even have pimps (agents).

It's expected since they use costumes and act the part. Yet people can argue a person wearing a costume isn't the same as cosplaying based on setting. I can argue a person wearing any costume is a cosplayer.

Disneyland cast members are professional cosplayers. Donut Media's episode with 10 guys dress as Vin Diesel are a bunch of cosplayers saying Family.

The people who put on furry costumes are animal cosplayers. The guy who wears the Detroit Lions mascot that looks like a furry is a paid cosplayer.

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Also they are paid cosplayers

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