The human race as a collective is slowly getting dumber as the years go on. amirite?

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no.You are wrong

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Nah dumb people are just given huge platforms now, loudness.

@capamericasur Nah dumb people are just given huge platforms now, loudness.

You're right but it's so frustrating that they're able to affect so many people with such idiotic ideas.

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To the O.P's point, there's been more than a few books/essays/articles, etc. about the "dumbing down" of society. But I think it could be also said that we aren't becoming dumber. It's the fact that many have drunk the Kool-aid the mainstream and social medias have offered them.

It's not that people have digressed intellectually, it's that their minds have been dulled by the Kool-aid.

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human like to act like the present is worse than the pass when it isn't

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Idk man. I think if you took someone from 1,000 years ago, they'd be pretty dumb… maybe more self sufficient in a lot of ways, but certainly not book smart - I think it was pretty rare for the average Joe to get an education up until maybe 100-150 years ago.

I think collectively we're getting smarter - just dumb people have more opportunities to be heard nowadays.

Less educated - on purpose. Easier to control idiots who can't think for themselves.


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Hard disagree. The thinkers are not nearly as loud. You have to pay attention

100 years ago, basic education and literacy was only available to the rich and privileged. Now (at least in the US), it's available to everyone.

The optics do look bad, but I think that's just because people have global platforms to brazenly demonstrate their idiocy.

don't wanna say it out loud but Idiots are louder

but more possible for outliers to accomplish great things than any other time point in history

"The effective intelligence of any group is inversely proportional to the square of its population."

I literally wrote a thesis paper on this. The more people you have involved the dumber the decisions become.

Everyday I think I have seen how stupid people can be, then I am pleasantly surprised to find out how very wrong I am

Actually literally the opposite. The boomers and Gen X were significantly stupider and more ignorant than Millennials and Gen Z. And the Silent Generation and before were even dumber.

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